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Project AutoPilot Year to Date Chart 1

Posted on April 05, 2010 by Louis

Year To Date Chart Link
This is an interactive chart, use your mouse over the dots to view the detail values.

Project AutoPilot release 2.0 contains 4 major functioning components.

  • Trading Platform based on Interactive Brokers API
  • Portfolio management module
  • Daily trading plan generating robots which will be run after market closed every day for generating next trading day’s trading instructions by using our AI stocks analysis algorithmic engine
  • Algorithmic trading simulator for testing the performance of customized algorithms

Later this year, we will publish our trading plan object API signature document, so that anyone can write its own algorithmic black box engine that can be adapted by PAP 2.0.

A screenshot of my source code structure

A screenshot of my source code structure

My database diagram screenshot

My database diagram screenshot

Database views and structure

Database views and structure

Project AutoPilot Goes Live ! Comments Off

Posted on February 10, 2010 by Louis

Project AutoPilot release PAP001 goes live today. You can check out how it performed daily in real time from the AutoPliot performance link on top of this page.
These transactions are executed on our Project AutoPilot server, and they are published on this site in real-time.

What does AutoPilot look like? Comments Off

Posted on December 31, 2009 by Louis

I have a screenshot of AutoPilot. It is running on my paper account.
7 out of 8 picks today are making money.

AutoPilot portfolio and performance Comments Off

Posted on August 07, 2009 by Louis

Check out the performance and current portfolio of my AutoPilot picks.
You are watching real-time transaction report of Project AutoPilot.


The first algorithm of AutoPilot. Comments Off

Posted on July 07, 2009 by Louis

I have developed a first algorithm that will be used on Project AutoPilot. The logic is simple. It only cares about daily simple moving average price as the benchmark. When stock price closes in the benchmark from above, the system will issue a sell-stop order slightly below the benchmark price. On the filp side, if the current market price closes in from blow of the benchmark, the AutoPilot will place a buy-stop order slightly above the benchmark.

So this way, when the order has been executed, the AutoPilot will place a trailing defence order at once in case the prediction doesn’t work to protect principle money.

Project AutoPilot is on the way to be released. Comments Off

Posted on July 07, 2009 by Louis

Based on Interactive Brokers API, the project AutoPilot should be released in the next serveral weeks. The system can automatically place the trade based on the preset algorithms.

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